To speak of re-conceptualising the petrol station, one has first to look at the consumer and their needs. What are the growth opportunities with regard to convenience for the consumer and how will they best experience these additional product offerings.

Design Concept :

The evolution of the Re-Fueling station toward the Re-Charging Station.
Growth centred on convenience with social and environmental trends at its heart.

What is the future of energy? TOTAL is committed to 'BETTER' energy as part of their brand image and company structuring as a way forward.

What do we interpret as better energy? A move toward more sustainable, renewable energy sources. This includes a gradual shift away from fossil fuels towards electrical energy as energy sources for vehicles.

Furthermore, this shift is housed in a structure that considers improving its social, ecological and environmental impact & footprint as an integral part of its functioning. The concept of better energy is no longer simply related to what is put into cars & how it is obtained, it becomes a paradigm shift that includes placing the people and the environment's well-being before 'the bottom line', without losing sight of the company's goals, development & growth.