Richflex is a total packaging solutions company owned by Richester Foods, operating in Pretoria. Deter Architects were approached by Richflex to design the public interface and office space extension to their existing packaging factory.

The design of these spaces took inspiration mainly from the logo of the brand as ratios and angles were generated from the font of logo design itself. Similarly, the colour of the logo was also a main design informant as the bright red colours dominating the corporate identity of the brand can be seen boldy on the fa├žade of the building.

Looking at the interior of Richflex it is apparent that the whimsical theme of the brand is continued into the heart of the building. Burst of bright colours can be seen throughout the interior spaces which house the packaging design teams and administrative units. Once again, purpose made furniture was designed to suit the needs of a collaborative team fuelled by a family-like interaction model.